Monday, May 9, 2016

Ah I'm Gonna Miss this Place

Jessica's Homecoming: 
 May 29, 2016.  9 am 
at the Hidden Valley 4th Ward Building 
1440 E. Raddon Drive in Sandy.

Please come and support Jessica at church 
and then come over to our house after for treats. 
We live right across from the church 
on 12008 Hidden Valley Rd.!   
She would love the support!

This week was one my favorites in Drammen. It was very spiritual. It all started on Monday when we decided to go visit this older lady in the ward. I had no idea what to share with her, but as I opened Mormon Bok I turned to my favorite scripture, Ether 12:27. I read it and started crying. I have read that scripture a million times and that time it just really hit me. 

Wednesday was probably the best day ever in Drammen. 
First of all it was Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) and we had a wonderful visit with a member. After that we had another appointment with a former investigator at the library. On the way to the appointment I taught a lady on a the bus about the restoration and the book of mormon. It was a scary thing to do for me, but I felt God's help as I was doing it. 
Anyways, we made it to our appointment and didn't really know what we were going to say or do because this guy had been taught all the lessons before. We definitely needed the spirit to help us and I was able to commit this guy to baptism. He has a strong desire, but he needs to act on it. So we will see, but I will never forget that lesson. 

The love that God has for His children!! His love is soo strong! After that we had an appointment with a recent convert in the ward and she has been going through a lot of difficulties. We had no idea what to do. Sister Crenshaw said, "I think we need to all kneel and pray." 
Woah.. it was so powerful. 

The day ended with playing card games with the young womens for the mutual activity.

Thursday was Zone Conference in Oslo and I gave my "last testimony." 
It was easier than I thought it was going to be because all of the missionaries in that chapel know what it is like to serve a Norway mission. Ah man, I am going to miss this place!!

We found out that a sister in an area close to us will be with us for my last two weeks. 
Her companion extended and will be going home this week. So we will be in charge of two areas. It will be interesting, busy and fun! 

This weekend we helped our neighbors garden and we spent time with some members. 

weeding is fun

I got to skype home for mother's day. My last time! 

Glad i dere! Ha en fin uke!
Søster Allen

My last zone conference! Good times! I gave my last testimony in Norway to all my fellow missionary friends. :)

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