Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pictures from Sister Storheim

Here are some pictures of the beautiful area around here.  
Here's downtown Bodø with the mountains rising up out of the fjord.
These two are just taken from the roads right outside of Bodø. 

The last one is at Saltstraumen, the world's largest natural whirlpool. It is about 25 to 30 minutes outside of Bodø. 
I hope this will give you some idea of where she is. It's safe and beautiful, and this time of the year, it's light 24 hours a day. So much to experience! Keep in touch. 

Sister Storheim

A Letter from the Storheim's

Hi Brother and Sister Allen, I wrote you the following letter and then didn't get it sent. I found it is the drafts folder today. I will just send as is. So sorry for the delay. Your darling daughter arrived here in Bodø one week ago today. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write. Let me introduce ourselves. We are John and Denise Storheim from Salt Lake City. My husband and I have been serving as a senior missionary couple for 16 months here in Bodø. We return to Salt Lake in July and will really miss these missionaries and this part of the country. We are the only other missionaries that serve in this area, so basically the girls have their own foster grandpa and grandma! Sister Allen is serving with Sister Peterson, who is lively and sweet, very tiny and a wonderful missionary. They seem to make a great team together. They are doing great work. Bodø is above the Arctic Circle and it is still winter here, but we do have some signs of spring, with buds on the trees and grass starting to green up. We do have constant wind here, but it is seldom below freezing, however the wind chill factor makes it feel much colder. It's still only about 40 as the high. The area all around Bodø, is unbelievably beautiful in every direction. I'll attach some photos or links for you to look at. Sunday was the 17th of May, Norway,s Independence Day. There were celebrations all over the country. The first picture is Jessica arriving at the airport and meeting Sister Brielle Peterson from So. Jordan, UT. 
The next one is at church.  
The last one is at our apartment for dinner. 
More photos to come,  

Have a wonderful day!  

The Storheim's

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bodo is Beautiful - Picture Overload!!

Wow.. I hope you are ok with all thePictures I just sent! They are so fun! 
I had a wonderful time in Oslo and Nordstrand. It was truly hard to leave all the People I love so much. I actually missed my plane to Bodø, so that was a little stressful, but I made the next plane. 

Bodø is soo different compared to Oslo. I came from a fast passed city, to a tiny slow paced town. I love it! It is actually fitting to my calm soul. 

Bodø is known as the windy city and that is true. It is Cold because of the Wind, but other than that the weather is actually really Nice and the sun never goes Down.... so I always see and feel the sun! We have blankets and sheets to cover Our Windows when we sleep. 

My Companion Sister Peterson and the Senior couple, The Storheims picked me up from the airport. My Apartment is huge!! It is like a house! We have a huge couch and two pianos in the living room. We have a study room, kitchen bedroom. It is so Nice. 
This is my new friend, Alfrida and my new Companion Sister Peterson

We meet for Church in the 2nd floor of a business building. There are only like 12 members! It is soo humbling and the spirit is so strong. These People are amazing and are a great example of faith. We are doing a lot of finding in Bodø. We actually had a guy contact us on the second day I was here and wanted to meet. It was a great chat and the spirit was so strong. There is a lot of work to be done and People to be found in Bodø. Also, I am really excited to get to know the branch and help build up the ward. We don't have car, so we take the bus and walk every where. 

It is the cutest Place to do missionary work. Super different than Oslo, but it fits my personality. The dialect is a lot different, but I like it! It is actually easier to understand for me.. so that's a plus. It is a lot slower paced. This is my sted!
Enjoy all the Pictures!
Tusen Takk for støtte og kjærlighet! 
Søster Allen
Pictures from Norway... 

February to May 2015

Snow Storm in Oslo with Sister Robbins

Sister Nielsen (first transfer)

 Opera House in Oslo on Pday

Last day with Sister Robbins and Sister Hudson

Sister Hartley and I found a Toad 
in front of our house one night

 I love these Sisters... Hiking with the Zone

Taking the ferry to an island with the District in Oslo
Sis. Hartley

Sister Gates

 Dinner in the heart of Oslo

The Most Beautiful Place in Norway

Last Day with Sister Rasmussen 

On the Trykk with the District on the way to the chocolate factory

Transferring from Oslo to Bodo

Saying Goodbyes :(
Last Sunday at the Oslo Ward (mother's day)

Sis. Allen - Drago - Sis. Hartley

Emma - S.Allen - Sandra


Dinner with Anne

 This is my good friend Leif - saying goodbye!

 (be jealous people - because it is breathtaking- Bodo, people, it is BEAUTIFUL here!)

Saltstraumen - biggest tidal current in the world

Celebrating May 17th! Norway's National Holiday


Dinner at the Storheims Celebrating May 17th - Norway's National Holiday

Totally Random Pictures 

Norwegian Wedding

I found Cade Barney and Aly in the Liahona.