Monday, September 28, 2015

Streets of Trondheim

P-day fun at the cathedral city

Streets of Trondheim

Scott's Accident

Scott's Bike Accident

Many angels and heroes were on that mountain that night. 
I had many angels supporting me in the parking lot while we waited to get him off the mtn. 
Dawn and Aaron, Charlie Numbers , Earl Dorius and others. 
This has been quite an adventure and it has just begun. 
I told Scott it will be like a stage race, a marathon. 
But just like many other events in his life. 
He will win this race and just like all the others I will be there cheering him on.

Updates by Jenn
Tuesday September 22nd - 

7:00 PM: Scott Crashed 
Scott spent 2 hours in the dirt, lying on his back pack, 
in unbearable pain, upside down, 
helmet still on his head in the middle of Corner Canyon's Rush Trail, 
with a broken hip and femur, without morphine, before medics arrived. 

Four Alta riders protected him, Jordan Meyer kept me updated thru texts. 
Leslie Zimmerman a cyclist and army medic stopped and held his leg and talked him thru pain.
Curt Doman also stopped to help and got his bike down the mtn. 
He also sent us these pictures. 

Leslie Zimmerman was a godsend today. 
Thank you for being there for Scott. 
You were in the right place at the right time.

9:30 PM - Orson Hyde Trail Head
Waiting for the medics to bring him off the mountain
Medics had to hike in, put him on a back board, hike him out, 
take him down on an atv, and then the ambulance. 

September 23rd - 
Long Painful Night
3:30 AM - They painfully transferred Scott to the University of Utah Hospital. 
His muscles had bunched up into his hip causing the swelling. 
So while awake they drilled a hole in his knee, 
put a nail in and are pulling his leg down with traction. 
This will help the muscles relax and get ready for major surgery. 
Trying to get him into surgery in a few hours. 

Jenn massaging his leg - Waiting for Surgery- in Traction - in PAIN

3:00 PM - Taking him to Surgery finally!

Surgeon Dave Rothburg

saying goodbye... :(

6:30 PM: Scott broke his hip and femur in 6 places. 
Out of surgery all went well. 
Hopefully racing his bike again in 6 months. 
Before and after pictures below.
Before & After

Dave Rothburg Surgeon

Finally done with Surgery - moved to Room 6313

Finally DRINKING!!!

Thursday Sept 24th - 
Jenn's Birthday
3:30 PM: After getting him up in physical therapy he got dizzy and passed out. 
Good thing for 2 physical therapist, one to hold his leg and one to catch him.
The trauma to the muscles being in a constant contraction for 2 days is exhausting. 
They think his hematocrit is low causing low oxygen and a little fever. 
Considering a blood transfusion. 
He can mentally control pain but not dizziness. 
Frustrating for him. 

Friday Sept 25th - 
Much better day!! 
Scott has been working from bed. 
They realized his blood pressure issues could be dehydration so they filled him with 8 bags of saline through the night and did blood pressure tests every few hours. 
At first it was 74/36 too low now it is 113/60. 
He was then able to walk down the hall and back without passing out. 
It's amazing and humbling to see this amazing cyclist struggle to walk a few steps. 
Never take your body and your health for granted. 
They did an EKG last night to rule out heart issues. 
Results showed left ventricle hypertrophy. (oversized and thick) 
Some are concerned some think it is because his heart is so strong. 
So doing an echo cardio gram to rule things out. 
Positive day but realize how slow this recovery will be. 
We are so thankful for the love and support. We feel your prayers.

2:30 PM - ECHO for heart

Saturday Sept 26th -
5:30 PM Alta Hawks dedicated their race in Moab to coach Scott. 
Thanks to everyone who helped Samuel Allen get to the race without us. 
He had his best race of the season. 
Way to go Sammy!!

5:45 pm: Physical therapy didn't go so well this morning. 
Still got really dizzy and muscles went into a spasm that caused his body to shake. 
After a big nap and some fun visitors, 
he got up on crutches and went around the whole nurses station. 
Tomorrow we try the stairs. 
If Scott feels safe and ready we could go home tomorrow afternoon. 
Pain has been keeping him awake. 
We are praying that he can get a good nights sleep tonight.

Sunday September 27th - 

1:30 pm: Scott climbed the stairs so we are heading home!

2:15 pm He's Ready

3:30 pm: HOME!!!

Monday September 28th: 
Jess finds out about the week's events.