Monday, January 25, 2016

Leaving Trondheim and Arriving in Drammen

From the mom:  Jessica got transferred to Drammen last Wednesday.  She is so excited.  They say Drammen is like Zion in Norway.  It is a big city near Oslo with a big ward and lots of great members.  She will finish her mission in Drammen.  She is in a trio for now and knows and loves these two sisters and is very excited to get to know them better.  She says this is the COLDEST place she has served in her mission.  There are pictures on her blog from last week and we will be putting up more pictures from this week.  It definitely looks cold in her pictures.  

Her new address is:
Sister Jessica Allen
Tomineborgveien 47
3011 Drammen

I made it to Drammen! It was an hour plane ride and an hour train ride, but my plane was delayed so I missed my train. Anyways, I finally made it after struggling with my 3 suitcases. :)

Drammen is soo different from my other areas. It is like America. We have a car, so we drive to appointments. We have dinner and sometime lunch appointments everyday!! The ward is huge. It feels like I am in Utah again. It is also way freezing! The coldest I have been my whole mission! Drammen is way colder than Trondheim. Like the coldest was negative 29 degrees... yikes!

This will be my last area on my mission. It was very hard to say goodbye to Trondheim. I miss Sister Peterson, my district, the Rappleyes, awesome members, and people I met while being there. It will take some time to feel adjusted here in Drammen. I miss my home and family in Trondheim. I did tell some of them I am coming back in June. :)

My last days in Trondheim = bittersweet.
On Tuesday we visited Majken (cutest member!) and we said our goodbyes. I will miss her so much!
Aaron, Majken, and Olivia!
 We also had an awesome lesson with an investigator. The spirit was so strong and I was able to share a personal story with him. I saw a change in his eyes after I shared that. I won't forget that lesson.

Then we visited Elin and Kenneth! Elin is a member we have been visiting every week in Trondheim and we have become really good friends! I will miss her too!
Saying goodbye to Elin and Kenneth in Trondheim!

Blizzard in Trondheim! 
The next day I packed up all of my stuff and as the Rappleyes pulled into the church to drive me to the airport, all of the missionaries in the district came out to say goodbye. I won't forget it! I felt soo loved!

Leaving Trondheim! :( 
Saying goodbye to Elder Miller and Sister Peterson. Heavy black heart

The farewell. So dramatic.

Missionary life in Drammen:
We have had so many member visits! There are some awesome people here in Drammen. Our district is pretty cool too! Elder Crump who was in my greenie district in Oslo is in my district again. It will will be fun to get to know all of these people and build friendships!

Friday night we went knocking on doors and it was a miracle night because we got let in by 2 people! That has never happened to me my whole mission! the first was a muslim family and they were super nice! The other person that let us in was this old norwegian man. His wife recently passed away and we were able to share the plan of salvation with him. It was a very spiritual and tender experience. We went back the 2nd time to teach him the restoration last night. He still wants us to come back and teach him more. He said he loves reading! I am really excited about him and I can't wait to see how the gospel can bless him. I hope he acts on faith and recognizes the truth. :)

We have been knocking on doors a lot here in Drammen, and people are actually not that mean. So that is a plus. That is how we teach lessons and find investigators. We are also trying to work closely with the members and find investigators that way as well. That is the best way to find. Converts found through members are the ones that stay converts forever.

Church was really good! I got to see one my friends, Torunn! She was in the Trondheim ward, but moved to Drammen. It was nice to see a familiar face! There are a lot of people I need to get to know. I am excited about this week!

We also had a worldwide missionary conference on Wednesday and Elder Andersen said that we should always have Jesus' name on our lips. If we don't know what to say than we should talk about Christ. It really changes the tone and spirit when there is a focus on Christ. He is the reason for our faith. He should be our foundation. I am grateful for Christ and the hope and peace He brings to my life.

Jeg håper at dere ha en fin uke!  Jeg er så glad i dere!

Kjærlig Hilsen,
Søster Allen

This is where we live!  Me and Sister House!

Sister Firth got stuck in her seatbelt! haha  

Running in a open field of snow! 

Visiting a member that lives in the cutest norwegian house! 
Look at her door! 

Cold day in Drammen. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Saying Goodbye before Transfers

Sister Rappleye made me yummy 
banana cake for my birthday! 
Love her!

Funny lady in our ward! 
She gave me a candle as a "going away present"

What it looks like on the bus in Trondheim! 
Sister Training leaders came for a visit this week!

Missionaries got in the night before for zone conference! 
We all went out for dinner!

My last zone leadership training in the north!

Last street stand in Trondheim!

Tree party! 
Norwegians leave their tree up until January 13th 
and celebrate by dancing around the tree 
and we played musical chairs. 

Splits with Sister Leland and Sister Wood!

Saying my last goodbyes!
Bestemor, Stian, and Jolina!




Sister Jessica Allen
Tomineborgveien 47
3011 Drammen

Monday, January 11, 2016

Birthday Girl

Most freezing week of my whole mission. 
We were in the -15 C.. 
We sure did feel it. 
However, we didn't feel our toes or fingers. 
People on the street told us it was too cold to talk. 
Us Warming Up Our Cold Bodies... Språk studium

Highlights of the week:

- We met with a former investigator on Monday who hadn't met with missionaries for 5 years. 
It went really well and he was super interested again. 
We explained the Book of Mormon to him and he wants to read it and is eager to meet again 
and learn more about the purpose of life. 
So we got new investigator! Wahoo!

-We helped Målfri (90 yr. old member) move her husband's stuff to the nursing home. 
He had move out because he was suffering from dementia. 
She wanted to make sure his room felt like a home. 
It was sweet to watch and I was touched to help with that. 

-We learned about Family History this week by the Family History Training Sisters. 
As I was reading my family history stories, 
I was reminded about my 5th great-grandfather and how he like 3 missions in Norway. 
Also, about how he met my 5th great-grandmother here in Norway! 
She is from a city called Stavanger (a popular missionary area). 

-Last night we went contacting in the freezing cold and we weren't having much success. 
We are on our way home and Sister Peterson stops this guy. 
He doesn't believe in God and is not sure about Jesus Christ. 
I asked him if he needed evidence and he said no I just need an explanation. 
We told him about the Book of Mormon and he said he had one! 
We asked him if he wanted to meet to learn more and he said yes! :)

-Today is my birthday! 

I am 24. :) 

Sister Peterson is good at making you feel special. 
She decorated the apartment cute and gave me a cute card and a small study journal. 

Then she had a surprise planned for me. 
So we took a bus somewhere and it was at a pizza restaurant 
and our whole district was there. 
It was a good time. 
I love my missionary friends. 
Gifts from my peeps

Glad i dere!
Kjærlig Hilsen,
Søster Allen

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years in Norway

Happy New Year!!!!

Playing cards with the Paulsens

New Years Eve card playing

 roasting hot dogs by the ocean

Pretty Ocean