Monday, April 25, 2016

My Last Weeks in Norway!

We did a lot of service this week! 

The weather warmed up so we helped a member in her garden and our neighbors! It was like therapy for me! I decided I love to garden. 

We visited a lot of members this week. That is the best part about serving in Drammen! There are so many members that love having the missionaries over. We have been teaching them the Restoration and getting them pumped for missionary work! Missionaries cannot do this work alone! We need the members help!

I am loving my last few weeks here in Norway! Having some great conversations with people on the street. It is a wonderful thing to talk to people and help him feel a little bit of God's love for them. Missionary work = the best :) 

Have I also mentioned how much I love Sister Crenshaw!? Best daughter in the world. :) 

Ha en fin uke dere!

Søster Allen

My new and last district in Drammen. :) 

Elder Hadley made the district lasagna for district lunch!

Waiting for the bus!

hiking on p-day
koselig stund sammen og "selfies"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Don't Complicate the Gospel. Try Feeling the Spirit Instead.

My brother, Sam got called to Madagascar 
speaking Malagasy (which is French/Samoan) 
and leaves August 3!! 
I can't believe it! 
It will be a completely different mission than mine. 
I am so excited for him and secretly want to go with him!

Lots of learning and growing going on here in Drammen. On Monday we knocked on this potential that we knocked on 2 transfers ago and he was just as positive! He this Norwegian dad who lit up when he saw us at the door. We gave him a Book of Mormon and said we would come back when his wife was home. As Sister Crenshaw and I left the front door I kept saying.. "He is soo nice! I can't believe how nice he is!" haha. After knocking on millions of doors and getting rejected everytime.. it is nice to have a pleasant person answer the door. It was a tender mercy.

We visited a lot members and contacted on the street. I just love the members! We had some cool experiences on the street. With the few that listen I am always grateful. We are able to bear testimony to these people and we see a change in their eyes. Hopefully later in their life they will remember and search for answers to the questions of their souls. 

It was stake conference this weekend, so all of the wide side of Norway came to Drammen! We got to help serve food for a leadership meeting they had one night. Stake conference was amazing! The spirit was so strong and I felt very grateful for my mission! I love the members in Norway. They are so strong! It very strange to be religious here and to especially be a mormon. I look up to them so much!

Her er et skriftsted for dere! 1 Corinthians 14:33
Don't complicate the gospel. Try feeling the spirit instead. Peace!

Søster Allen

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Start of My Last Transfer

Highlights of the week:

-This week we had a sisters training in Oslo for 3 days since there are 11 new sisters and 11 new trainers! It was awesome! We learned a lot about how to be better missionaries and stuff. I really enjoyed it!

-Sister Crenshaw and I also had a miracle week! We prayed to teach people lessons on the street and were very specific with the number of people and.. we were able to do it! We also got a new investigator! I remember thinking as we were teaching these people on the street.. wow God answers prayers! It is happening right now! haha

-We had an awesome Sunday. Since last week was General Conference we didn't get to see a lot of members, so it was great to spend time with them. I love the Drammen ward!

-This week is the start of my last transfer! Crazy! I can't believe it is almost over. I plan to work hard with Sister Crenshaw!

-Way exciting news... my little brother Sam gets to open his mission call tomorrow night! I am soo excited for him!! Can't wait to find out where he goes!

Ha det bra dere!
Søster Allen

Hiking on P-day!

On our way to an appointment!

I got to be with my MTC group! We are missing Sister Leland :(. It was a great time!

This is our "our MTC group has NEVER been together in Norway and we miss you S.Leland" face.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Spring

Happy Spring

Good times in Drammen with Sister Crenshaw :)

Watching general conference at the church