Monday, October 26, 2015

A Picture Update

View of Trondheim

 Me and Søster Sorensen - last district p-day lunch

Visiting a family in the ward

Dinner with the district and Playing games!

Zone Leadership Training

Monday, October 19, 2015

Trondheim in the Fall

Fall in Trondheim

Our visit to "Hell"

The train station in "Hell"

Weekly planning and weekly planning snack. :)

Taking a picture after a miracle!

 I love this Trio!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Miracle Lessons

We had four miracle lessons in one hour, 
a random lady came to the church to "get strength from God",
for the first time ever on our missions someone let us into her house when we knocked on it! 
AND we saw the Northern lights!!

First we were at MMK our Ward missionary leader thing 
or whatever it's called in English 
when Myhren our church phantom walks into the room, and says 
that there is a random lady needing to talk to the missionaries. 

So me and my companions jump at the opportunity to go and talk to this women. 
We greet her and she only speaks broken English and no Norsk. 
We start talking to her and she informs us that she is going to have an operation that next day 
and that she didn't know where else to go to for strength but God. 
Good choice lady.
We continue talking to her and telling her about how God will help her 
and that everything will go according to His plan. 
We then ask if we can give her a Book of Mormon. 
She agreed 
and we left her in the Chapel and RAN down the hallway frantically searching for a 
Bulgarian BOM while our MMK meeting was still going on. 
We look and look with no luck. 
So we go and sprint to our apartment-- that's luckily across street.  
Grab the BOM come back give it to her. 
Bare a solid testimony of the power that it has. 
We then exchange numbers and she leaves, 
never to be heard from again. 

The week goes on and we get a random call from a member and our investigator saying 
wow they were stunning. 

Then Sunday comes and we were short 4 lessons. 
Not cool because we've been struggling to reach all our goals and frankly we just wanted to hit this one. So we're about to leave church and we stop to say a prayer. 
But we invited some members to pray with us, Saying 
"we're gonna get these lessons with YOUR FAITH!"
 So we go with a prayer in our hearts knowing that the Lord would help us bring people unto Christ. And guys within an hour we got the 4 other lessons we needed to make our goal! 
It was so awesome! 
The Lord really does amplify those He calls. 

Then one of our appointments canceled due to a hang over.

Our backup plan was to go find a former investigator. 
We look up the address and head out. 
We make our way on the bus and 20 minutes later we're there. 
I knock on the door. 
No answer
She rings the bell
No answer
Søster Peterson then goes to put a car in her door saying we'd been there when 
Her name in Inger and when we introduced us Inger almost died. 
She was so happy to see us! 
Søster Peterson told me later how weird it was that someone was actually happy to see the Mormons haha yeah I have to agree with that. 
Inger let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon and got another appointment to come back this week!

Pretty great week!! Love you all!
-Søster Allen

Pretty Trondheim

We visit this old man Mangus and his wife and this was the first time we saw up in his wheelchair and not in bed! We turn the corner and he is rolling along with an orange piece in his mouth. It made us so happy! He told the nurses that the missionaries were here to see him. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teach Fearlessly.

Wasn't General Conference the best?!
I love general conference, especially as a missionary. Shout out to Pres. Russell M. Nelson's talk about women. How empowering! There were so many good talks. I am really excited to study them for the next 6 months.

Interesting things that happened this week:
We did a question and answer at a children's school with the soon-to-be teachers. Afterwards we "accidentally" left a Book of Mormon and one of them came running out to us and said, "Mormons! You left your Bible!" haha It was funny.

We had a cool contact with a lady on the street that day. She was so excited to receive a Book of Mormon for free. Unfortunately, she doesn't live in Trondheim, so we referred her to the missionaries in her area. It was way cool though. Heavenly Father really leads us to those that are prepared and willing to listen.

One day we had the sister training leaders with us and it was a blast. I love it when they come!

Me and Sister House had a cool contact with this boy on the street. We helped answer his question, "If there is a God than why do children die of cancer?" I could see a satisfied look in this boy's face as we testified of the purpose of live and how God has a plan for all of His children.

On Friday we had an appointment with a girl Sister Sorensen and Sister Peterson met on the street. We were late because we missed our bus stop and the girl was not there. :( We were way upset, so we walked swiftly into the city to try and find her. We didn't see her. We decided to say a prayer in the middle of city and ask Heavenly Father to help us find her, so that we could give her a Book of Mormon. After we said the prayer we turned the corner and guess who was there.. the girl! Heavenly Father had answered our prayer.

I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I am so grateful for prophets and apostles to help lead and guide us. The heavens are open and the world is preparing for the 2nd coming of Christ. It is our time to step forward. Be covenant keeping saints. Speak with power and authority. Make things happen with our faith. Teach fearlessly. Express our belief with confidence.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the ONLY way to true and everlasting happiness.

Søster Allen  

We got caught in a rain\wind storm!

Women's Conference Session
We were the only ones who showed up.. 

We had a potluck afterwards and the best cake!

Trondheim District

Should Sister Peterson go brunette?
I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. haha