Monday, February 29, 2016


MOVES CALL was yesterday!  I am training!!.. all by myself. Sister House is leaving me. She is transferring to Ålesund. I will find out who I am training when I pick her up at the mission home on Wednesday. So that is exciting. I am having a baby! haha

Last week for P-day we went to Oslo! It was way fun! We went to the center and went shopping in the city. Good times. We had an awesome week and found 2 new positive investigators. Yay! I am excited about working with them. It will be good for the new missionary too. Also, I am excited about the Greenie Fire new missionaries bring! Miracles are coming our way! Since Sister Firth and Sister House are leaving Drammen, we said a lot of goodbyes to members this week. Det var koselig. :)

Drammen has such a good ward! They are so good to invite us over for dinner. Now we just gotta find people to teach and baptize! I am hoping for the best for these last 2 transfers on my mission. I am grateful for the opporunity to serve, learn, and grow. It allows me to strengthen my faith and rely fully on God. It is a beautiful thing. I am so grateful for His grace.

Happy March!

Søster Allen

Good Elder friend, Elder Crump; 

Friends from the ward.

cute young women friends!

last søndag in church with Sister House and Sister Firth

one time we got our car stuck in the snow...

a nice norwegian man got it out with his tractor. good times.

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