Monday, February 15, 2016

"Grateful in Any Circumstances"

Happy Valentine's Day! oh ya and Norwegian Mother's Day was yesterday as well. :)

We had an awesome teach with one of our investigators. It was the first time I met her, but she opened up and the spirit was really strong.

We had a lot of member dinners this week! I am so grateful for the members willingness to have the missionaries over! It really means a lot to us! It is also great to get to know them better that way. I have learned so many things from members. I love their testimonies and hearing about their stories and experiences.

We had the sister training leaders with us on Wednesday and it was a good missionary day! We taught a guy that became a new investigator. Later that night we went to Young Womens! I have really enjoyed getting to know the young women here in Drammen. They are so cute and it takes me back to my young women days. :) We made them cookies on Sunday for Valentines and they loved them and us. :) he he

Sunday night we decided to try knocking back in that miracle area. One of them was home and said we could come back next Sunday! We were also able to give a Book of Mormon away to another door we knocked on. Success! Even though it was sure a cold night!

Ha en fin uke og husk til å ta vare på hverandre. :)

Søster Allen

Pictures with Sister House:
Getting sick in this cold weather

Valentines lips.. haha

misjonær arbeid

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