Monday, March 7, 2016

New Sister

I got my new missionary on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Crenshaw and I am the worst because I didn't take any pictures this week! I will send them next week. She is super cute! She is 19 years old, from Lindon, UT, and we have a lot in common. :) She is a ballerina and just so adorable. We have a 5 year age difference, so it feels like I am hanging out with my cousin, Kenzie. haha I love training!! I didn't realize how much I would love it until it happened! Wow. I have learned so much these last 5 days. I am already so grateful.

I picked Sister Crenshaw up from the mission home on Wednesday and took her back to the house to drop her suitcases off then I said, ok let's go contacting! Is that mean? haha Well, we did and found a cool potential. That night we went knocking on doors and found a former investigator. The gift of tongues is real and Sister Crenshaw is doing so well even though she doesn't understand what most people are saying! haha It is super fun!

On Thursday, we had some appointments with some investigators and stopped a guy on the street that said he would call us later. Well, that night he did actually call us and invited us over with his wife on Saturday. He actually just wanted to bible bash with us, so that was a little heartbreaking... We talked to a lot of cool people on the streets and met with some cool members. On Sunday, we got asked to teach the whole Restoration lesson in Sunday School. We were a little nervous for it, but oh my gosh! It went so well! I am so proud of Sister Crenshaw! The spirit worked through us so well and the members were impressed. 
Missions are the best! Training is so fun!
Ha en fin uke!
Love ya!
Sister Allen

Note from Jenn: I found this cute picture of Jessica on Sister Hills blog. (mission president's wife) Jessica is at the mission home picking up Sister Crenshaw and dropping Sister Firth off to go home and Sister House to go to another area. I thought it was cute.

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