Monday, June 22, 2015

Midnight Sun and Fun

Highlights of the week:
-We had transfer Calls yesterday and me and Søster Peterson are staying together 
in Bodø for another transfer. Wahoo!

-On Tuesday we had a zone leadership training and Conference in Trondheim. 
We flew out With the Storheims. 
It was soo good! 
We did some training and then President and Søster Evans said goodbye to us 
With some inspiring thoughts. The spirit was super strong in the Trondheim chapel.

-This week our branch president and his wife invited us to see the midnight sun
YES. I saw it and it was BEAUTIFUL.

-We also had the opportunity to travel With the Storheims, a potential investigator, 
and a lady from Our branch to such a beautiful Place. 
It was called Neverdal
It was like "Neverland." 
Out of this world. 
For reals.

Elder Storheim found an animal head.

-Talking to a lady that called us crazy for believing in God and told us we were "sick." 
We told her that God created the world 
and she said "nobody knows that! 
Not even you know that!".. yikes..

-Teaching "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" lesson along the rocks of the Ocean. 
Sermon on the Mount status. :)

A lot of Learning and growing out here in Bodø. 
Summer vacation has started and many People are leaving, 
but the ones that was staying are Lucky.. 
we are going to make miracles happen this summer. Just wait.

Søster Allen

More Pictures...

Zone Conference in Trondheim. I got to spend time With Søster Leland. LOVE HER! 

Beautiful Norway

Salmon.:) we made one night.. my favorite! Yum!

Fisherman feeding the birds

Reindeer - For the Beauty of the Earth

This rock is from the vikings time.. 1000s of years old.   

We were able to see some beautiful country with some great friends and "our" fabulous girls!

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