Monday, June 8, 2015

Boldly Testify

Another great week in Bodø!

It started off pretty weird like With some crazy contacts.. like this drunk lady who told us that her boyfriend was murdered last week... I am no sure if we should Call her back... "the life of a missionary" It amazes me how much People open up to missionaries. They see us as People of God and feel they can tell us anything.

We found this other guy from Latvia in the park and we invited him to Our gospel principles class that night and he showed up! It was a miracle. Nice guy.. he doesn't know how long he will be here though.

We had an intense lesson With one of Our investigators who  strongly believes in the Trinity and believe it is one God. We showed her and explained how the Godhead are Three separate beings. We agreed to disagree pretty much. She said that she doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. But she hasn't even read it. But we still love her. I Guess all we can do now is just testify of the Book of Mormon.

The Next day we had an amazing day. We taught Three muslims the plan of salvation and also learned about their religion. They totally felt the spirit and want to meet again. After we taught them.. we taught 6 teenagers around the age of 17! They are the teenagers from last week, but 2 more came. We felt like we were teaching a seminary class. Most of them are atheists. We taught the Restoration and they kept bringing up reasons as to why God does not exist. The spirit was working so strongly through me and Sister Peterson. I remember hearing a voice saying that I was not alone. I was able to boldy testify of  the existence of God and that He lives. It was probably one of my most favorite experince thus far on my mission. I think their hearts were softened a little after that. They all want to meet again. This week I learned how important it is to bear testimony.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of hearing from Elder Holland through a broadcast for all of Northern Europe. He boldly testified of the Book of Mormon. I cried.  I wish I could find it online because EVERYONE needs to watch it. It was probably the most powerful talk I have ever heard. He also made a shout out to all the sister missionaries around the world. We are changing the world! Whoot! Whoot! Sista Power!

Jesus is coming! The work is hastening! It is time to believe! It is time to be doers of the Word. Pray always and not faint. Break through the veil and testify that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. If you feel that Your faith is turning into doubt. Stop it and go read the Book of Mormon. There is Power in that Holy Book. Read it everyday and you will not be able to doubt Your faith. Love People and stand for Truth and righteousness. I believe in angels, I believe in miracles, I believe in Christ, and I believe that there is life after Death and we are eternal daughters and sons of God.

Jeg er så glad i dokker!
Sister Allen

Weekly planning with oven mitts 
because I am a weirdo and I needed to remind myself that cookies were in the oven.

We had hedgehodges in Our backyard. Sister Peterson was thrilled.

We got to go to a members wedding on saturday. We ate salmon. Yum!

Søster Storheim and Anne Farstad wearing their bunads for the wedding.

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