Monday, June 1, 2015

God Is Real

We had a week of miracles! I am telling you People.. God is real. Just look for Him and you will see miracles. :)

We have joined a Bible study Group at the high School and have made a lot of friends through it. Afterwards, we taught one of the Girls the first lesson and I think we scared her a little bit With how much we knew about the Bible and how the Restoration and Book of Mormon support it.

I just think it is so important to really study the Word of God, personally. Don't let other People tell you what truth is.. find it out for yourself.  I am all about that. It would be better to find it out through God. He can tell you what is true and what is not. We have the answers to find Peace, direction, and happiness in this life and it is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Savior can do that for us. I am a fan. I love Him and Our Heavenly Father.

We have meet up with some former investigators this week and two of them want us to come back and teach them.. so that is super exciting. We had the sister training leaders come on Wednesday. I got to see my last Companion Sister Hartley and Sister Nielsen from my last District. It was so good to see them. Me and Sister Hartley had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators and he is so open to think and seek for the truth. I love that ærlig hensikt (real intent)! The lesson turned into my favorite topic, The Atonement. I got to share my testimony about Jesus Christ. I would do that all day every day if I could.

 We visited a member with Alzheimers this week named Harda and she was hilarious! I told her that we ran earlier that day and asked her what she liked to do. She said, "ikke løper" (not run). haha so funny. She also has a strong testimony. We sang hymns with her and asked her what makes her happy. She said her loving Heavenly Father. The spirit was so strong. What a wise lady! I like Harda. :)

We contacted this girl early this week and asked if her wanted to meet up to talk sometime. She said of course and that she would brings her friends. We ended up Meeting with her on Friday and she brought 3 of her friends. We helped answers all of their questions about mormonism and other things. They said they all want to meet again. It was really cool.

 On Saturday me and Sister Peterson drove to a small town outside of Bodø called Fauke to visit a Family. it was so Beautiful! We saw Fjords and the weather was a dream. I felt God's love and for His creations very strongly that day.

Today for p-day we got invited to go to the Aviation Museum (Luftfartmuseum). It was super cool! I saw some cool historic Aircraft. We had chocolate muffins afterwards. What a treat.

I love my mission. I love God. I love Jesus Christ.  I want to help non-believers find God. I want to help believers find God in a different way. There is a way. There is more and it is all so sweet.

Jeg elsker misjonen min. Jeg Elsker Gud. Jeg Elsker Jesus Kristus. Jeg ønsker å hjelpe ikke troende finner Gud. Jeg ønsker å hjelpe troende finner Gud på en annen måte. Der er mer og det er alt så søt.

Søster Allen


Art in Bodo (reminds me of Tanner)

May 17th - Eating at Alfrida's

Fauke Drive (pictures don't do it justice)

In Tromo for ZLT - I ate reindeer pizza

Sister Peterson sneakily took a Picture of me sleeping.. she said I sleep like a princess. 
What a gem.

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