Monday, April 6, 2015

Thank You Heavenly Father

Hei Alle! 

Where do I even begin! 

My companion Søster Robbins went home on Wednesday and it was sad! I love her! 

My new companion, Søster Hartley arrived in Oslo that night. I love Søster Hartley! She is 20 years old and from Oregon. She is spunky and super outgoing. 

We had an amazing general conference weekend! I love general conference! Drago came to watch all sessions in his suit. I am so proud of him!  

Drago's Baptism March 28, 2015

On Saturday, the other sets of sisters had a baptism! Miracles have been happening ever since Drago got baptized last week. He was the first baptism in Oslo this year and now a lot of the other investigators want to be baptized because of it. So cool! 

Finding moment: I told Søster Hartley that I have always wanted to contact on this bridge that goes over the ocean to this island.. it is sooo beautiful.. and she said let do it! So we did and found a new investigator from Greece on the bridge! Yay! It was awesome. 

Highlight of General Conference:
Priesthood session= My favorite session. Thank you Heavenly Father. 
There were a ton of talks on Marriage and Family. I think God knows what's up. I loved it! 
We got to watch the last session at 10pm last night.. so that was fun and tiring.:)

Tip of the day:
Norway like breaks\holiday\vacationing. God Påske week = Ghost town. No one is home. Everyone goes to the mountains to stay in their cabin and ski.

I am so grateful for the church and the gospel! It is true! The Book of Mormon is true! I am so thankful for a living prophet and apostles. God loves us soo much. We are so lucky. The general conference talks were inspired and if we follow their teachings we will be truly happy! That is a great promise! 

Now go live it, share it, and defend it!

 I love Jesus Christ! He lives! Let your light shine before men!
Søster Allen
My Oslo District. They were so fun.

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