Monday, April 27, 2015

Helping Hands

We have a new investigator! His name is Daniel and he is from Africa! I committed him to be baptized and he accepted. It was like my dream lesson. We watched the Restoration film with him and I asked him how he felt. I told him that it was the Holy Ghost. The spirit was soo strong. 

We meet with Leif this week and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and guess what.... he doesn't drink coffee or tea! Miracle!! It was such a good lesson and we had an awesome member on the teach, which made it even better. We love Leif!

We had a service project this week with the ward. We helped clean up trash around a lake and we wore Helping Hands vests. It was my dream to wear one of those yellow vests haha. Good times with the ward and missionaries. 

Drago is doing good! We had stake conference in another city yesterday and so we showed him how to get there by bus.. we were worried he would get lost, but no... he made it and was early!! what a guy. 

When I was on splits with Sister Gates we didn't know what to do one night. We had a Book of Mormon we have been meaning to give to this Thai lady so I said lets go give it to her. It was perfect! We taught her about the Book of Mormon in her Thai restaurant and she gave us food. She is the cutest and a new investigator!

I am so grateful to be here in Norway and to serve with Sister Hartley and Sister Gates. I have been learning a lot about myself and accepting myself for who I am. God made us who we are for a reason. Use the talents and strengths God has given you and magnify them. Be happy for others and don't compare. God has a plan for you and wants to help you find who you truly are and know it. It is between you and the Lord. 

Love you!!
-Søster Allen

Note from Jenn:
Just a quick note from Jenn:  Jessica didn't send a group email last week.  She just didn't have a lot of new stuff to report.  She mentioned that she may not send a group email every week.  Sometimes she sends pictures that I will put up on her blog, but don't worry if you don't get a group email each week.  She is doing awesome and loving every minute it.   She did send one this week. 

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