Monday, March 30, 2015

I Cried Like a Mom.

Dragi Drago got baptized on Saturday! It was such a good day!! Ah the spirit was so strong and 4 different languages were spoken at his baptism. We had the meeting conducted in English, we had a talk on baptism given by a member in Croatia via skype (the whole ward in Croatia skyped in!!), I sang, "I Need Thee Every Hour," the baptism prayer was given in Russian, and a lady spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Russian. We had a testimony meeting too and so of course some Norwegian was spoken. It was an amazing experience and Drago is soo happy! He was confirmed yesterday in church. What a guy! I cried like a mom.

Our investigator, Leif, came to the baptism and church! He is the best! He texts us all the time to tell us about daylight savings, and tells us to have a good weekend. Such a hyggelig man! 

We had a huge blizzard on Thursday! It was nuts! We had to take the Trykk(train) and it took 2 hours to get to the center when it normally takes 30 minutes! It was fun, though! That night me and Søster Robbins went out shoveling for people and we had a good time. 

Søster Robbins leaves on Wednesday. This has been an awesome transfer! We have been so busy! I will miss her! We are going to make today a good P-day! 

My new companion comes in Wednesday night. Her name is Søster Hartley! She was companions with Søster Leland in Trondheim! I have meet her before and he is awesome. She also a Sister Training Leader, so I will be on splits with another Søster every week for at least two days. The other søster that is coming is Søster Gates! She was just ahead of me in the MTC. She is awesome as well! I am feel like Heavenly Father is taking good care of me and I feel lucky to work with such amazing missionaries! 

I just found out that I can't send pictures at the center because it creates viruses on the computers! Ah! So I will have to go to a library next p-day to send pics. I have soo many good pictures! Of the baptism and the blizzard.. ah man! Next week!

This week I encourage you all to watch #becausehelives on Also, to watch General Conference!! It is Easter week and we get to hear from a living prophet and apostles this weekend! I am sooo stoked! We will be watching conference at the center this weekend. We are so lucky! The church is true! I know that my Savior and Redeemer Lives!
Love you all!

Søster Allen

Farewell Dinner for 4 of our wonderful missionaries

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