Monday, April 13, 2015

God exists! I Know it & I'm Not Afraid to Tell People

I love Sister Hartley! She is the bomb. We got 4 new investigators this week. So that was pretty sweet. 

We are meeting with Leif tonight and hope we can meet with him again this week. I still feel inadequate about the language, but yesterday in church was the first time I felt like I understood what they were saying in norsk .. it was awesome! 

Drago came to church and will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood next week. What a guy. 

So one of the new investigators we found was actually a street contact right in front of our house in Nordstrand. She was walking her dog and said that she was taught the missionary lessons when she was 13 in Chile. So we met with her twice last week. We will see her again this week. So that's pretty sweet. 

We contacted another girl in the city and she came with two other friends to the lesson. They all became new investigators and we were able to give them all Book of Mormons in Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. It is a melting pot here, I tell ya! It is rare to teach a Norwegian in Oslo. 

Another cool story..
At the beginning of last week me and Sister Hartley were taking the Trykk home and a 17 year old norwegian boy comes and sits right across from me and starts talking to me. He asked me what it was like to be a missionary in Norway. He was soo interested in what I do and why I believe in God and how I find out there is a God. It was soo cool. I asked him for his number, but he said he wanted mine.. ah man! I hope so badly he calls. It was such a sweet experience. I have never been approached by a norwegian.

I love being a missionary. I care about the people we find and teach. I study for them in the morning and hope I can be able to help them come unto Christ in some way. It truly brings me so much happiness. I love and hate when we talk on the streets to people who do NOT believe in God and then God always shows me a sign that he is real. Like last night.. we were getting "you are crazy to believe in God" and then we contacted a lady that was once a member of the church. That doesn't just happen! God puts certain people in our life for a reason! The world is beautiful! We have a prophet! We have the Book of Mormon! We have families! Why not believe! Why not hope!? Why doubt?! Why live with no purpose? I don't get it. I know that God exists! I know it and I am not afraid to tell people and make them realize it through my eyes.

Norway is the bomb and we hiked a pretty sweet mountain today. I saw all of Oslo and some other cities at the top.

Love you all and I appreciate all the support and prayers!
Sister Allen

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