Monday, March 23, 2015

Missions are Good - People are Good

Hei sann!
First off, I just heard some sad news from Sister Mulivai in Texas.. Stacy, my investigator with the baptismal date passed away two weeks ago.  I am so sad, but I know he is at peace and his testimony of the gospel was strong. He had such a submissive, willing, and loving heart. The Lord has a plan for him and he will continue to do so much good. Oh Stacy, I hope to see him again.

So Drago is getting baptized! :) He is getting baptized this Saturday! Søster Robbins and I are preparing the program and we cleaned the font last week. It is so exciting. The Croatian missionaries are going to skype in with us for the baptism. Drago ended up on the same Trykk as all the missionaries going to church yesterday and said, "it is a special time." haha what a guy! 

We have an awesome new investigator. His name is Leif, norwegian, and he is 80 yrs. old! Ah good story to how we met. We found him outside of the center about two weeks ago. He agreed to meet again. Our first meeting with him he brought us chocolates and brought the book, "A Marvelous Work and A Wonder" given to him by a mormon lady. So he has already had contact with members of the church. He said that it is crazy how we met because he never takes that way home and he recognized it as a miracle from God. He is sooo good! He loves reading and loves the Book of Mormon. He feels he needs time to prepare for baptism though. We will continue to meet with him! We already love him!

I wanted to talk you about my favorite Norwegian.. Astrid. :)

She is 94 yrs. old! People! She is as sharp as a tact! She has taught me so much and is a perfect example of how to Endure to the End well. We help her organize her house because she is almost blind. She told us that she plans out her day the night before. The first thing she does when she wakes up is checks to see if everything is in its place, greets and talks to the plants, and then it is time to exercise! She exercises on a little bike pedal thing. She is the cutest, happiest, flink lady ever! She can speaks so many different languages and plays the piano by memory. She told me one time, "Never say you can't do something-- you can do whatever you want if you keep trying everyday." What a great attitude! She is my inspiration on how to live life! She truly finds joy in the simple things!

Oh missions are so good and people are so good! Søster Robbins is leaving in like a week.. I am sad for her to go! She is awesome and has taught me so much. The language is coming.. I just need patience. I feel I am improving and then some days I don't. I will just have to remember the wise words from Astrid. Keep Trying! You can do it!

Hope you are all doing well! Remember to enjoy the simple and little things in life!
Love you all!
Søster Allen

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