Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week 6 - MTC (A Little Setback)

Hallo! Happy New Year!
Christmas at the MTC was so great! We woke up to a white Christmas. 

We prayed for it and it happened. Soo magical! 

We heard from an apostle- Russell M. Nelson and it was such a privilege. He talked about the Doctrine of Christ. Such an "increasingly rewarding pattern of living." 

We quoted Christmas movies all day and opened presents in the morning. I cried because I was so grateful. 

Me and Sister Leland made a gingerbread house on Christmas

I got to call home for 30 minutes. It was so nice to talk with family and hear their voices. Best Christmas present. We all got so much candy and treats from home.. I think we all have diabetes now. haha 

Sunday night, we got to hear David Archuleta and Richard Elliott (organist for Mo Tab.). It was amazing!!! I cried! David sang "Come Come Ye Saints" and it was so powerful! It was more meaningful because of the story he told. When his grandma was investigating the church.. one sunday morning she heard Angels singing that song. She went to church that day and that song was played during sacrament meeting. She said that Angels sang this song to me this morning. So powerful. 

The rest of the week was dead. We didn't have  Norsk Teachers for three days. We all felt really stressed out for not hearing the language for that long. haha  

We said goodbye to Sister Mandla.. We miss her! She is in Denmark and is going to kill it out there! She is an exceptional missionary and person. 

Last week I finally memorized the 1st vision in Norsk. Our Norsk Teachers finally came back Monday night. It was sooo great to have them again. Brother Williams cracked his head from skiing on Saturday and then showed up on Tuesday to teach us. What a guy! haha 

I saw Kash Johnson the other day. He teaches in my building. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tonight for New Years Eve.. we aren't really doing anything. We have Izzy Water to drink at midnight. haha so that will will fun. 

I am just preparing to leave the MTC. My experience here is coming to an end. I am really nervous to leave, but I know it's time and time to put my learning into action! Anyone out in the world can CHANGE and through the grace of God it is possible. I love being a missionary. It is the best "job" in the world. It brings me so much happiness and fulfillment. Be happy! Be Bold! Testify of the Christ! and Work! Repentance = Change. It shouldn't be a negative thing! Repentance means turning to God. What a glorious thing. Satan wants us to feel hopeless. Christ always provides hope. I know that this message is true and is the only way to ETERNAL happiness. 

Pray and read the Scriptures. There is soo much power when acting upon those gifts from God. To feel the power of the Holy Ghost in your life is so comforting and motivating. 

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be awesome!
Love you all!
Sister Allen

He is part of the leadership in the presidency for our zone.  He served in Denmark

Last Sunday with Sister Mandla and the Icelandics.  Our whole zone.

Us and the Icelandics

We all got Norge shirts

Note from Jenn:
Hello everyone!  
Some bad news.  Jessica emailed me in a panic on Monday to let me know they didn't have her or her companion's visa for Norway.  She asked Scott and I to join her in fasting and prayer that she would receive a miracle.  If she could get her visa by Wed. (today) she could go to Norway, if not they would reassign her to Houston, Texas for 6 weeks.  She asked us to keep it quiet until she knew for sure.  Well, she knows now for sure, she is going to Houston, Texas for 6 weeks to wait for her visa.  She is not happy!!!  She is trying to stay positive, but she is worried about losing the language that she has worked so hard over these last 6 weeks to learn.  But, there must be a reason she needs to go to Houston.  

She flies out early Monday morning, Jan. 5 at 7:00 am.  I will talk to her that morning on the phone so I will keep you posted.  Once again, please keep her in your prayers.  They will be separating her and her companion, but she is hoping to be able to call her everyday for language study.  It's a bummer, but part of life.  Obviously her Heavenly Father needs her there for 6 weeks.  The positives, much warmer than Norway right now.  She can have an experience of teaching in English.  Her letters will get to her quicker.  She will get to call again in 6 weeks when she is on her way to Norway.  She really appreciates your support, love, and prayers and so do I.  She sent some really cute pictures today.  We will get them up on the blog later on.

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