Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 3 - MTC

Hello! I just wrote you all letters today, so you will be getting more info later. I did receive your package. Thank you! I wish I could talk to you on the phone too. It has been a hard week. I explained more in my letter. 

The language is not coming along as much as I want it to. I struggle in lessons and feel so inadequate. Help! My faith has been lacking this week. Oh I would like the Dorius Heritage book, so I can read about Norway and can you send my piano music "I know that my redeemer lives" Takk!

I don't know what I want to say in the group email, so you can share whatever you feel needs to be shared. I had a blessing by one of the Elders.. 20 year old and it was really good. He said, "Heavenly Father wants you to know He loves you. You are a daughter of Kings put here at this time to act as a shepherd. Through your influence and knowledge will others come unto Christ. If you put faith in the Lord he will always be at your side. The gift of the Holy Ghost will always be with you. Remember this. He is your friend who gives comfort that no one else can give. As you serve you will be lifted by those around you and vise versa, you will see miracles. Bless you with Christ's spirit. Follow these promptings. Follow without delay and you and your family will be blessed for what you are doing now." It was very inspired. 

On Saturday, I had a break down with one of my teachers. She said that I need to pray for faith and to pray for faith to receive the gift of tongues. I was struck by how much faith she had in me. I said I probably won't get it for a long time and she said no if you have faith you can have it today and the Lord needs you to find his children. It hard to believe in miracles sometimes.

Yesterday, we had an awesome devotional by one of the 70 (craig Zwick) and his wife. The wife's talk was just for me. She said, "hard is not bad, it is just hard. You can let fear and doubt control you or have faith. The lord Jesus Christ will be your companion in the work." She also showed a video of her 4 year old granddaughter baring simple testimony and it made me cry. How powerful a child's testimony can be. All she said is that Jesus  loves you and sometimes we can get grumpy and sad, but when you come to Jesus he will come to you. So beautiful! Then!!! Lexi Walker, that way talented 12 year old, came to sing. She sang my favorite hymn, "I know that my Redeemer lives." She has a voice of an angel. I felt last night that through the small and simple tender mercies of the Lord our faith can be fulfilled. I felt like God loved me and he knew how I am was feeling. He is really in the details of our lives! 

My mission hasn't even begun.. I am just in preparation. I have so much more ahead of me and I am terrified. I feel like Enoch and Moses. I need a lot of faith right now. It is going by really fast and I feel very overwhelmed. I still have soo much more Norwegian to learn. 

Can you please send pictures!!! I  have none. Takk shal du ha! 

I love you all! Sorry I don't have much to say.. some things just don't matter. I miss you.
Have a good day!

Love ,
Søster Allen

Sister Horner's step mom made them all pillows

Sister Randall

Sunday Temple Walk

Jeg vet at Gud elsker oss og han forstå var prøvelser. vi kan stole i herren og har tror det han vil hjelpe oss. jeg vet at evangelium of jesu kristi er sann og gjennom frelser eksempel vi kan være lykkelig. i jesu kristi navn amen.

Note from Jenn:
HI friends and family,
Jess is having a hard week.  The language is very hard for her.  I was able to chat back and forth with her today after she sent this email.  She's ok, but says she really just needs lots of love and prayers.  She loves letters.  If you could keep her in your prayers and send some love her way (letters).  I think the stress finally caught up with her this week.  

Sister Jessica Ann Allen
2009 N. 900 E. Unit #157
Provo, UT 84602


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