Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 4 - MTC

This week has been great! I still don't know a ton of Norwegian, but I have felt a lot of peace and comfort. A lot of love this week from family and friends! I don't want people to worry about me though. I seriously love it here and the people. 

So I leave January 5th. I still don't have my flight plans.. I think I get them a week before I leave. We had to move to a different building today. It was annoying. I will be sending some stuff home. I don't need it. 

Sister Peterson was here when I got here and left that first weekend. Super cute missionary. It is cool to hear about what they are doing over in Norway! It kind of stresses me out too. I am not living in the real world right now.. haha It kind of made it seem all real.. I am actually going to Norway. The hard part about the language is the grammar and sentence structure. It is sooo different from English. With time.. :)  

Geoff brought me Cafe Rio last Friday! It was soo awesome! What a guy! 

I love the pictures you sent!! Send more!! Dad looks so young with a shaved beard. The boys hair looks good... Tanner and Mom look like twins. So fun. 

We are working hard here at the MTC. I seriously love my teachers! They will come in and say we were inspired to talk about this today.. so we talk about it and it's amazing! They really care and meet our needs! 

We watched a clip from David A. Bednar from a past MTC devotional and he talked about the question we always ask ourselves... Is it me or the spirit?? He says, "stop fussing about it!" Just keep being the good girl or boy you are, keep your covenants, follow the commandments! He says that many times he couldn't tell you if it was the spirit. It may be 20 years down the road until we realize it was revelation from the Lord. I love hearing that. It was liberating to hear. I always thought you would know what the lord would have you say before you say it, but most of the time that is not how it works. 

We had an awesome devotional last night from a Elder from the 70. He talked about missionary work and how we shouldn't limit ourselves. We need to labor with all our mights and not waste our time. As missionaries we have the convincing power through diligent study and having a desire. We shouldn't run faster than what the investigators are able to absorb. We shouldn't be shy to invite people to baptism because it enables them to be freed from sin. What a gift! We need to read the BOM with investigators. The Book of Mormon is the tool for conversion! It is our priority to sit and read with them. Lastly, ACT on the impressions that come to mind ALWAYS. Ah! This place is so great! 

Why am I on a mission?? Because I love Jesus Christ. The gospel brings me the most joy and I want to share that LOVE with others. 

Jeg elsker deg! Har en god dag!
søster Allen

Guess what!!!! 
I get to call home for Christmas!!! 
I am calling between 3:15-5:15pm. I only get 30 mintues, but it is the first Christmas in the MTC where we get to call home! So great huh? I figure I will just call mom's phone... I just wanted to get the word out..
 I will be sending another email shortly...


So hopefully you got the other email about calling home. :) I also heard about Taylor's mission call to Arkansas! I had an overwhelming feeling inside when I found out! I am so excited for Taylor!! She will be soo great! Spanish speaking will be awesome as well! Ah!!! so great!I

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