Monday, November 16, 2015

Highlights & Lows of the Week

Highlights and Lows of the week:

Monday: We taught two French guys and it was such a spiritual lesson. We talked about Christ's Atonement and I started crying... I love my Savior. 

Tuesday and Wednsday: We visited a few members in the ward and did a lot contacting.  We weren't feeling the love from the people on the streets.. typical. But we were positive that the week would turn out well. 

Thursday: We visited a ton of less actives and members. It was a good day and I definitely felt the spirit and love for the people. 

Friday: We visited a member and I lost my name tag. :( I was soo sad about it!  I tried looking for it, but it was no where to be found. We then visited another less active and had an lesson with an investigator that night. All of the lessons were full of the spirit. 

Saturday: We found this stuffed teddy bear on the bus that was holding a sign that said to return to his home with an address... so we took it and delivered it. It happened to be a street stand full of college kids doing a kindness experiment. We got a picture with them and you can find me if you look up #vennlighetenkommer  on instagram or something.  

After that we had lunch with a member at this way good Thai restaurant. Later that day we had a teach with an investigator and 2 awesome  members came on the teach. 

Sunday: Sister Peterson gave a talk and we got a less active member to come to church. He hadn't been to church in 10 years! It was a miracle and his mother was soo happy! Also, a member found my tag! It fell off at their house and their son gave it to me at church. It was a wonderful Sunday. :)

oh yes! Funny story! So we go to a nursing home with the elders and this one old lady scoots around in her wheelchair. She came up to one of the elders and said, "gutt.. gutt.. gutt.." (in a creepy low voice) That means "boy" in english. That elder was so afraid! haha I was dying laughing. :)

I love Trondheim, I love Sister Peterson, I love the people here, and I love being a missionary.

Year Mark this week!! November 19th! I can't believe it. Oh man, I love my mission.

Ha en koselig uke!
 Kjærlig hilsen,

Ivar og Målfrid. These two.. they kill me. 
Members of the ward we visit. 
We went out to lunch with them and someone said hi to Ivar and he says to us, 
"They know me." hahaha

Ole! He comes on teaches with us every week too!! These members are great.

Some more fun studies pictures. 
Thanks Sister Peterson!

Pelle and Bety! They help us on teaches very week! Love them!

Our friend Jekon! :)

Jekon came to church! District loving!

We love Torunn! 
She is a member in the ward. Babe status.
Sister Peterson makes fun of me and how I wear my blanket.. koselig studies with Søster Pete.
We are so pretty.

We saw a beautiful Full double rainbow this week while contacting! 
People stopped on the bridge to take pictures! 
so did we...

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