Monday, November 2, 2015

Boy I Am Glad I Decided to Serve a Mission.

Hallo alle sammen!

Transfers week and we lost Sister Sorensen.. she went to Oslo (my place of birth). So the trio is not a thing anymore, but me and Sister Peterson are killing it with the missionary work as a duo. I love Trondheim too. :)

Me and Sister Peterson had some miracles happen this week!

So last week we called a lot of former investigators and got appointments with them for this week! We met with some of them this week and they were way positive lessons and I am really excited about it!

We had a Halloween party on Halloween with the YSA and it was way fun. We had an investigator come!  I of course won the Halloween Trivia game. I don't know if I should be proud of my knowledge about scary things and movies or not.. oh well!

Yesterday at church was soo good! The spirit was way strong and I feel like I know the ward a lot better. After church  Sister Peterson and I hit the streets and had some cool experiences. In 2 hours we were able to get 3 lessons and 7 gospel conversations! We stopped like 3 Martin in a row.. we thought that was weird. We stopped all these Africans that just got out of their church.. hahaha but hey we got their numbers! It was a great contacting session and the Lord blessed us.

I am grateful for the experiences I have had in Norway thus far. It has been almost a year since I left for my mission and all I have got to say is.. boy I am glad I decided to serve a mission. Norway has my heart forever. I don't want to come home.. even though sometimes is gets way hard. I want to be a missionary forever. It is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. Well, hope you all have a good week and go tell a loved one how grateful you are for them.

Happy November!!
Søster Allen

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