Monday, February 2, 2015

Hour of Power

I just found out..
 I will be leaving for Norway Februray 16th!!! 
Wahoo! I am sooo thrilled!!! :):):):):)

Funny stories for the week:
We went to lunch with an investigator who is from Slovakia and afterwards he asked us if we could go to the movies sometime. haha I thought it was hilarious.

Hour of Power:
We have hour of power every Thursday, which means that the church presidency prays for the missionaries in the temple at 6:00pm and that means that missionaries pray for a miracle.
We saw this guy and girl sitting on blanket outside of their house and they called out to us and said: 
"Hi!" (people are very friendly here in Texas).
We went over to them and told them that we were missionaries. They said, "you are mormons, right?" (it was so nice to hear that because everyone else thinks we are Jehovah witnesses). 
So we taught them the Plan of Salvation.. by the way they are smoking during this lesson.. and all of sudden the girl says, "I haven't been baptized yet, but I would like to be."  The best part was what the guy said afterwards (said like a black guy would say) he said, "Well, you have got to change your life and repent!" (while smokingIt was so funny. Anyway, it was a fun hour of power miracle.

We got in with a lot of less actives again and we had some awesome lessons with them. :) We had two less actives show up to church on Sunday. It was soo great!

The sad part about the week is that we had to drop an investigator. She wasn't progressing and wanting to make changes. It broke my heart, but we left on very good terms.

Things are going great! I love my companions and I love Texas, but I am ready to go to the mission I was called to. :)

Have a good week!
Love you!
-Sister Allen

We went to lunch together after district meeting. So fun!

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