Monday, February 23, 2015

First Week In Norway - Nordstrand

Hi Family and Friends!

I have been in Norway for almost a week now! Norway is a dream! It is as beautiful as everyone says. It reminds me a lot of Park City, Utah.  

I am in Nordstrand, which is a suburb of Oslo. We drive into the city of Oslo everyday.They have an young single adult center in Oslo and it is soo amazing because we teach lessons and do missionary work here.
Driving into Oslo - Beautiful

Cutest house in Nordstrand

My companion and trainer is Sister Robbins, from Farmington, UT, and 20 yrs. old. This is her last transfer, so she is leaving in a few weeks. She is a good missionary and really knows how to get the work done here in Norway. Norwegian is hard!

First time eating Brown Cheese

I don't understand anyone and I can barely talk in norsk.. yikes.. That is troubling me the most. 

Backing up to my first day here is Norway,  I didn't get to my companion until Wednesday night, so I just hung out with the Mission President and his wife. They are such nice people! I taught my first lesson in norsk Thursday night, but most of the people we teach are not from Norway. It is a melting pot here. 

We have two progressing investigators from Croatia, so we skype with croatian missionaries. Last night we committed them to a baptismal date and they accepted! They came to church yesterday and another investigator of ours from Poland came to church as well. 

They have me drive here because I don't need a norwegian license for another 3 months. It is crazy! I drive all over Oslo! I drive in the city and in Nordstrand, which is in the trees and mountains. We contact people on the Trikk (like Trax in Utah) and on the streets right in front of the palace of the King and Queen of Norway! It is seriously like a dream! It is definitely the city life here. Kind of reminds me of New York and D.C. Then Nordstrand reminds me of Park City.

Yesterday was my first day at church and it was in norsk.. I understood a couple of words.. I just smile at people and then when they ask me a question I don't understand so I just smile. It is kind of ridiculous. I need help big time! I was saying all the words I learned in the MTC wrong. The norsk they speak here is not what I learned. Haha... 

The people here to like to keep to themselves, but if you do talk to them they are super nice and considerate. 

We went contacting for the first time I spoke in very broken norsk and a person said, you are not from here.. yikes.

I read a scripture today that brought me a lot of peace and comfort. It was 3 Nephi 18:31 "i know my sheep, and they are numbered" I immediately felt God's love. I really needed to read that this morning. I have been feeling very lost in this new country and new language. I must press forward and keep the faith! There are people to meet and find in Norway! 
Thank you to all of those who have written me! I love you all! It truly helps me!
Søster Allen

Breiens Vei 19
1165 Oslo

First P-day

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