Monday, January 5, 2015

Off to Texas

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jessica left the MTC at 4 am and drove to the SLC airport.  Once she checked in her bags and got through security she called home around 5:45 am.  She only had an hour before she had to start boarding her plane to Houston.  It was so good to talk to her.  She sounded really excited and happy.  She was really talkative and outgoing for being so early in the morning.  That has certainly changed since being in the MTC, she never really loved mornings.

I talked to her first.  She said she had an emotional Saturday.  She had received her letter from the Church's travel office about her visa and her new assignment in Houston for the next 6 weeks.

She was pretty bummed about it.  That night they were saying good bye to their instructors and it was emotional.  They were taking some pictures and one of the sisters was taking a picture with Jessica's new camera and dropped it.  It broke and Jessica said she just lost it.  She had a major break down.  An Elder tried to take her new camera and fix it back in his room.  It just made it worse and he felt terrible and offered to give her $200 for a new camera.  Jessica felt horrible about taking his money, so she refused to take it and she felt bad that the sister who broke it felt so bad.  So, she found the sister and gave her a big hug and told her it was ok.  It was just a camera.  So, maybe it is good she is going to Houston.  She can find a new camera and it will probably be cheaper in Houston than in Norway.

She received a blessing from a young 18 year old elder last night.  She said the power of that blessing was incredible.  He blessed her with specific things that she was struggling with and she hadn't even told him about them.  The spirit was so strong as she shared this experience with me, it made me cry.  So great!!!!

She has absolutely loved the MTC, her teachers, and especially the 4 girls in her district.  One sister has already gone on to Denmark.  Two left for Norway today and Jess and her companion are waiting for Visas in Houston.  It was very hard for her to say good bye to these gals.  They will be friends for life!!!  I could really feel the love she has for these girls.

She is a lot more positive about going to Houston.  In fact, this morning she was actually really excited about it.  Someone told her not to worry about the language, just teach the gospel and the Lord would make up for it when she finally got to Norway.  So, she is taking their advice and is excited for this adventure.  This will all be part of her mission experience.

It was so great to hear her voice and feel her energy and excitement.  I can't wait to hear from her once she gets settled in Houston. Hopefully she will get a new camera soon so we can see pictures too. I will let you know her new address when she sends it, but you can always send her an email anytime.  Once again, thanks to all of you for the support and prayers.  She says she has really felt them.


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