Monday, September 21, 2015

Pictures and a Note from Mom

Hi everyone,

This is Sister Allen's mom, Jenn.  Once again she didn't want to write a big group update so I thought I would fill you in on some of her adventures lately.

First of all, she was transferred to Trondheim last Wednesday.  She is in a threesome with Sister Sorenson and Sister Peterson (a different Sister Peterson than her last companion in Bodo)  They are in a threesome because they are short on sister missionaries.  Sister Peterson writes a great blog if you ever want to know what is going on with Jessica go to Sister Peterson's blog...she is a great writer...unlike Jessica. :-)   Sister Peterson's blog address is

Jessica sent some other great pictures over the last couple of weeks.

She says she misses Bodo.  Bodo changed her.  The members are very faithful in Bodo.  It was very hard to say good bye.  She will miss them.  She was able to see the Northern Lights in Bodo the night before she left.  A neighbor woke them up at midnight so they could see them.  Very cool.  Bodo will probably stay as her favorite place in Norway.

Trondheim is a big city.  She is excited for the change.  She says it is very cute and full of people and life.  It is similar to Oslo, but cuter.  She says there is a lot of work to be done in Trondheim and she is excited about that.  She has had appointments every day.  There are a few investigators she is working with.

The weather is cold.  It definitely feels like fall.  She and Sister Peterson got sick this week with a little cold. She hopes to be in a city for the holidays and really hopes she is still there at Christmas.

They are hosting the Norway North Zone Conference in Trondheim this week.  That will be fun.

Her mission is going very fast and she realized she only has 8 months left.  She truly loves being a missionary and she loves the people of Norway.

That's about it.  Check out Sister Peterson's blog for more details of their week. (Link below.)

Thanks for supporting and praying for Jessica.  She feels your love and prayers.


Saying goodbye to my people in Bodø. 
Jack og Anne Farstad! Love them! 

Me and Paulina!

Click HERE to read Sis. Peterson's Blog
Sister Peterson, Sister Sorensen, and me.  

Me and Sister Peterson's suitcases. 
It was hard transporting them everywhere.

Eating a kebab with our district in Trondheim!

Jess got caught in a rainstorm.
Setting up a Book of Mormon stand in the middle of Trondheim.

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