Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We have a New investigator! 
It was Nice to finally teach a real lesson after two weeks. It has been rough. 

We spent sometime With some less actives and members this week. It was Nice and we had a game night on Thursday! It was a blast! 

We visited Harda "bestemor" and had a lovely time singing hymns. She showed us her tiger stuffed animal. So cute. 
This is sweet Harda. She has Alzheimers and is a member of the church. She kills me! She named her tiger, "Tiger Gutt" (tiger boy). haha

Me and Sister Hudson taught the New Testament lesson yesterday in Church in Norwegian. It went well! We also had like 5 members show up for Church so everyone had the opportunity to bear their testimony. 

Bodø is difficult, but this week I really felt my testimony grow.  I feel the Power of God and it is an amazing feeling. This Church is Jesus Christ's Church. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored back to the Earth. I know it because I have seen the blessings of living it. I feel the spirit. It is a wonderful feeling. I want others to feel it too and I want them to know how to feel it more often in their lives. There are a lot of People that do not believe it. It is hard to believe if you look for all the reasons not to believe, but when you look for all the reasons to believe... it changes you. So I choose to believe it. Life is sooo much better when I choose to believe it. My faith grows even stronger and I am able to recognize the promptings of the spirit more in my life. I am also able to feel God and know that I am His daughter. So I Guess what I am trying to say is that is soo much better to believe!  


Believe in God. Believe that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. Believe that the Book of Mormon is true and comes from God. Believe that this life isn't the end and there is more to hope for! I am Grateful for the Choice I have to believe. 

Søster Allen

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