Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Days Full of Miracles!

Hello! Søster Hudson has arrived and we are killing it here in Bodø. It is so nice that we have already served together because we already know how to work together. It is great! She is from Texas, 20 yrs. old, and has been out on her mission for 11 months. We had one sunny day this week. That was exciting and hot.
The only sunny day we had last week! We contact along this Harbor. Love this Place. :)

Sooo this week..

First, Sister Peterson said her goodbyes so we had a lot of member dinners at the beginning of the week. It was great to spend time With the members and Sister Peterson before she left. Sister Hudson came to Bodø on Wednesday and I felt bad because she came to an area With like no investigators.. so this is where we put Our faith and hard work to the test. Wednesday to Friday was pretty rough. Nothing really happened. We were out contacting, knocking, and calling People and trying to find.. nothing was happening. Everyone was gone. Then comes Saturday and Sunday... two days full of miracles! Are you ready? :)

Ok, so on Saturday we had this appointment with this guy and it fell through.. so we went out contacting. Nothing happened. When I say nothing happened that means we got rejected pretty hard. So, we have dinner and realized that we still needed to make Our goal for 3 other lessons and 2 New investigators.. we had 3 hours left of the day. So we went out with determination. We were able to do it! We taught a lesson to a girl on the street, she wasn't interested in the end, but was Grateful she met us. Then we contacted this guy and taught him a lesson as well. He said that he wasn't sure what the purpose of life was and we told him that we had a book that would help him find those answers. He said he was leaving Bodø on Monday, so we could meet up with him on Sunday. Then that guy who cancelled on us earlier that day called and said he could meet that night. We taught him a lesson and he is actually moving to Drammen, but it was still pretty positive. Such a cool day.

Sunday.. What a day. So we pick up Jørn-Are for Church and we have to give the talks in sacrament Meeting på norsk. Right before sacrament Meeting starts this guy Calls that we invited to Church on the street and says he is here. So we got this random guy in Church. Miracle! After Church we delivered the Book of Mormon to the guy from England and he tells us that he already referred himself to get a copy on We asked him if he wanted the missionaries to come to him in England and he said yes! We said goodbye to him and he said, "there was a reason I met you two." :) Then we went to a member dinner, which was great and Jørn- Are came along. The branch is so good to him! After dinner we prayed on whether we should go contacting or go home and make cookies. Sister Hudson said she felt like we should go home and make cookies.. on the way back to Our Apartment we contact this guy sitting on his stairs. He is was so interested and I was able to recite the 1st vision. He Wonders why there are so many churches. Such a cool contact! After that we made cookies while having Language study. We had an hour left, so we went back out and we weren't getting anyone really positive... until Our last contact. She started out as not very interested, so we just testified.. like missionaries do and I asked her if she wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon. She said yes.. and I was shocked and speechless. Sister Hudson had to take over. What a day!! Such an awesome day.

Thought for the day: Mosiah 5:13. In my paraphrased Words and comments about this scripture: How do you know the Master if you haven't served Him.. He is a stranger to you and far from the thoughts and intents of Your heart. Serve Him and you will come to know Him. Love this.

Håper dokker ha en god uke!
Søster Allen

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