Monday, August 3, 2015

This Place man... I Won't Forget It

I swear the last week of the transfer is always the best. So we got a summer day on Tuesday! We have only had 3 summer days this Whole summer! Wahoo.

We prayed the night before that we would find a service opportunity and we did. :) God answers prayers. Our neighbors are doing some work on their house and they asked us to help! It was so Nice to get to know them better. The guy said, "now I can tell People that 2 mormon missionaries from USA helped build Our house." haha It was funny.

After that we took the bikes out for the first time to go to Løpsmarka, which is on the other side of the mountain. It was sure an adventure. I think Dad would be proud of me. We were able to teach a ton of lessons this week. We had the sister training leaders over on Thursday and when they come miracles happen!

Here is an amazing story: So one of the Sister Training Leaders- Sister Larsen served up here in Bodø the beginning of this year. She had contacted this guy on the street in January and wanted to meet up With him. He never could meet up, so she called him for the last time and he said he would like to meet but he couldn't because he was going to prison the Next day. Sister Larsen told him she had a book for him. She met him at the Train station before he was off to prison and said, "that this book will change your life and you have a lot of time to read." So....a few weeks ago we get this text from this guy! But don't know the story behind him. He says that he is out of prison and wants to meet up. We happened to get an appointment With him on Thurday.... the same day Sister Larsen would be here in Bodø. That doesn't just happen! Me and Sister Larsen skyped him on Thursday (because he was visiting his sister in Oslo). He read the WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON in prison. He has totally changed, mended relationships With his Family, and had a desire to believe in God. He said that while he was Reading the Book of the Mormon in prison he showed it to the other inmates. By the end of the lesson he said he would never give up on finding God and that we made a huge impact on him. MIRACLE.

I loved having Sister House and Sister Larsen With us on Thursday. It's great to get to know other sisters and learn and grow from them. It has been a great week and we have had some really great contacts. Last night, we stopped this girl and were suprised that she believed in God, as she was about to leave Sister Peterson lays Down the restoration and recites the First Vision på norsk. The spirit was so strong. It was the first time I saw a Norwegian cry because of hearing the 1st vision. She was so touched. I am so Grateful for these experiences.

This work is the Lord's work. The spirit is the only way we can accomplish this work. Heavenly Father loves his children and has a plan for each of us. He is in the details of Our lives. I am blown away by this and my faith grows, but it takes Work. It is not easy to believe in God. It takes effort on Our part. When we have a desire to believe we have to be willing to work for it and work at every day of Our lives! This is how we grow and become more Christlike.

Sister Peterson is leaving on Wednesday to Kristiansand and Sister Hudson is coming to Bodø With me. Remember Sister Hudson from Oslo! We were split buddies! So I already know how to work With her! Wahoo!

Happy August!
Søster Allen

Yesterday contacting by the shore. :)

Contacting in the rain. No one was outside, 
so I decided to contact a fire hydrant.

Visited a member family in Rognan! 
Gabriel-Nicest guy of my life!

I love Bodø.

I love Pears

This Place man... 

I won't forget it.

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