Monday, January 11, 2016

Birthday Girl

Most freezing week of my whole mission. 
We were in the -15 C.. 
We sure did feel it. 
However, we didn't feel our toes or fingers. 
People on the street told us it was too cold to talk. 
Us Warming Up Our Cold Bodies... Språk studium

Highlights of the week:

- We met with a former investigator on Monday who hadn't met with missionaries for 5 years. 
It went really well and he was super interested again. 
We explained the Book of Mormon to him and he wants to read it and is eager to meet again 
and learn more about the purpose of life. 
So we got new investigator! Wahoo!

-We helped Målfri (90 yr. old member) move her husband's stuff to the nursing home. 
He had move out because he was suffering from dementia. 
She wanted to make sure his room felt like a home. 
It was sweet to watch and I was touched to help with that. 

-We learned about Family History this week by the Family History Training Sisters. 
As I was reading my family history stories, 
I was reminded about my 5th great-grandfather and how he like 3 missions in Norway. 
Also, about how he met my 5th great-grandmother here in Norway! 
She is from a city called Stavanger (a popular missionary area). 

-Last night we went contacting in the freezing cold and we weren't having much success. 
We are on our way home and Sister Peterson stops this guy. 
He doesn't believe in God and is not sure about Jesus Christ. 
I asked him if he needed evidence and he said no I just need an explanation. 
We told him about the Book of Mormon and he said he had one! 
We asked him if he wanted to meet to learn more and he said yes! :)

-Today is my birthday! 

I am 24. :) 

Sister Peterson is good at making you feel special. 
She decorated the apartment cute and gave me a cute card and a small study journal. 

Then she had a surprise planned for me. 
So we took a bus somewhere and it was at a pizza restaurant 
and our whole district was there. 
It was a good time. 
I love my missionary friends. 
Gifts from my peeps

Glad i dere!
Kjærlig Hilsen,
Søster Allen

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