Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas in Trondheim

Hei Hei!
Highlights of the week!

-Singing Christmas carols with the YSA out on the streets! 
There weren't a lot of people outside..  
 Caroling with a fun crowd

Then having hot chocolate afterwards 
while listening to Christmas music 
and setting up the Church Christmas tree. :)
setting up the tree

hot chocolate

-Taught a successful lesson about the Law of Chastity. 
People, this is my favorite commandment. 
It will save you a lot of heartache and trouble! :) 
Funny comment from our investigator 
"wait so you guys are virgins?" hahaha 

-Feeling a lot of love for my Savior after showing 
"A Savior is Born." 
Missionary work is always better 
when it is focused on Jesus Christ. 

-Relief Society had a Christmas Party. 
We had some good food, good music, and good company. 

-Talking to an atheist at a street stand 
on the busiest road in Trondheim. 
He comes up to me and says, "you don't believe in that do you?" 
I was able to testify to him of why I believe what I do 
and clear up a lot of his misconceptions 
about what Mormons believe. 
One of the things I said was that a belief in God gives me hope 
that I can be with my loved ones after this life. 
He opened up to me and told me how his mom died of cancer. 
I told him that he would be able to see his mom again 
and that she was with him. 
I felt his mom there for sure.
Our street stand

getting rejected at a street stand.. haha

See if you can find me and sister peterson!

-We had a lesson with one of our investigators. 
He is very skeptical about religion 
and wants a scientific explanation. 
We have been meeting with him for a while, 
so we wanted to go back to the basics.. 
We read in Alma 32 and he talked about how 
he needs more to believe. 
Sister Peterson said, "you have it in your hands! 
The Book of Mormon is your evidence." 
He paused and looked at us and said. 
Give me a month to read this book. 
It was awesome!!! 
Since I will be probably leaving in a month 
he wants to finish it before I leave. 
It was a way cool lesson.

-Ward Christmas Concert!! 

Me and Sister Peterson participated and sang "The First Noel" :) 
It was a fun night! 
After the concert we ate pepper kakker and drank gløgg. ;)

Håper at alle sammen ha en fin uke! :)

Søster Allen

Pretty Trondheim

Christmas in Trondheim!

Sushi with friends!

goodbye elder corrigan

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