Monday, July 13, 2015

I Get You Girls

We flew to Trondheim on Tuesday to meet Our New mission president and his wife for the day. It was so good to meet them. They are soo cool and Nice! I am glad they are serving here in Norway.

Jeorn Are is preparing for baptism. He is 23 and Norwegian. We still have a lot to teach him, but his interview is this week and Next saturday he will be baptized in a fjord. I hope it all Works out. This is where a lot of faith and prayers come in. We met With him last night and taught the Word of wisdom.

I had a funny Language moment while teaching him.. I wanted to say "I agree With you" which is "Jeg er enig med deg," but instead I said, "Jeg er evig med deg," which means.. "I am eternally With you." We laughed so hard, especially Sister Peterson.. haha. He also came to Church again and the branch is really loving towards him, so that is good.

We visited Harda again this week (old lady With Alzheimers) and she wanted to say the closing prayer. It was a beautiful norsk prayer and then towards the end she forgot what to say, so she said, "beklager jeg er gammel. ha det bra" (Sorry I am old, good bye). it was so sad, but soo funny. She is a sweetie pie.

We had a ton of goodbye parties for the Storheims With the members. It was Nice to spend some time With them. They leave this Wednesday. It is so sad. They did a lot for the missionaries in Bodø. We will be all alone now.

We had an awesome miracle happen this week. The night before we (Thursday night) we were feeling Down because we weren't finding any new investigators, so we decided to Call Our potentials again in Our phone. We were able to get an appointment With a lady for the Next day. So we met With her and she was super prepared and agreed With like everything we said. She said, "I get you Girls!" By the end she said she was so happy she met With us. I really hope that all goes well With her and we can continue to meet.

On Saturday we decided to sing hymns in front of a Public Place. We had a few People stop and listen. It was a cool experience and to see who stopped to listen to spiritual Music.

It was good week and I am sure this week will be good too! We have a baptism to prepare for, so that will keep us busy.
Love you all!

Søster Allen

With Our District in Trondheim.

With Our gren Family at the Farstads. 

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim! So amazing!

Having a BBQ at the Farstads for the Storheims

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